China Harzone Invited by Sudanese President to Meet Personages from Industrial and Commercial Circles

On September 2nd, invited by the Embassy of Sudan in China, the representative of China Harzone participated in the meeting with the Sudanese President and personages from industrial and commercial circles of the country. In the meeting, the President of Sudan, Bashir sincerely welcomed and invited Chinese enterprises to enter the Sudanese market, especially in the field of bridges and engineering construction. He said that the government of Sudan will introduce more preferential policies. In addition, all participants carefully listened to the reports made by the Finance Minister and Investment Minister of Sudan to get a better understanding of current investment environment in Sudan and look for market opportunities in the country.


The Sudanese market is the first market in Africa that China Harzone entered. The resources of water areas in Sudan are quite abundant and there are many rivers in the country. Since the successful erection of a floating bridge longer than 700m on the Nile in 2004, all kinds of steel bridges made by China Harzone appeared in many other states, cities of the country gradually. No matter the plate girder bridges with simple structures, floating bridges with extensive functions, truss bridges with nice appearances, or emergency bridges rapidly erected, all of them display the concentration and profession of China Harzone in the field of steel bridges.