The 1st Cast-in-Place Pile of Goddess Bridge in Bolivia is Drilled

On August 24th(local time in Bolivia), the sky over Senna was as clean as crystal. So many colorful flags were flying the construction site of the Goddess River Bridge. At 7:08 a.m. (20:08 p.m. on Aug 24thBeijing time), with the command of the Captain of China Harzone Piling Team, the giant drill pipe on the piling drilling machine slowly rotated with the generator. The first cast-in-place of the pier #6 for the Goddess River Bridge was finally drilled.


From starting coiling block welded steel tube pile casing in June to binding reinforcement cages in July, from completion of the embedment of steel pile casings for piers #6 & #8 to erection of shoreside platform for the pier #6, the Project Department of China Harzone overcame unexpected challenges one after another and it spared no efforts to prepare the conditions for drilling piles.


On Aug 24th, the Supervisor Edwin witnessed the significant moment on the site. The drilling of the 1stcast-in-place pile for the Goddess River Bridge marked the commencement of the main bridge construction for the bridge.