Roads and Bridges Shorten Distances for Villagers in Uganda

The Bilala Road and Bridge Project in Uganda constructed by China Harzone was successfully finished on July 26th. The project was a turnkey contract signed between China Harzone and National Highway Bureau of Uganda in November, 2013. The project amount was one steel bridge and 10-km approach road. The total construction period was 18 months. The project was the first overseas turnkey project for China Harzone. Upon completion of the project, the traffic distance for two neighboring towns was shortened to 20 kilometers from previous 50 kilometers.


Since the project start-up in December, 2013, the Project Department of China Harzone strengthened management, reinforced planning, followed up the sites, promptly analyzed the current situation of the project and established detailed construction plans to guarantee realization of objectives. The customer thought highly of the project construction progress and construction quality.News Vision, the official newspaper of Uganda and local TV stations reported the project. Both of them praised that the bridge is the best and most beautiful bridge in western Uganda.