Leaders of Highway Bureau of MOT Visited China Harzone

Four leaders from the Highway Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation visited and inspected China Harzone on March 28th. They watched the demonstration of erection of various types of emergency bridges. The performance indicators of these products were highly praised by these leaders.


Yu Hao, the President of China Harzone expressed gratitude on the trust of the bureau for China Harzone. In addition, he introduced the development of the company in recent years. He expressed that the company will adhere to the mission “take emergency security as our task, make contributions to human security” to further improve traffic emergency integrated solutions, provide national traffic safety guarantee services and promote the sense of security of general public.


One of the leaders pointed out that China Harzone has accumulated abundant experienced and played an important role in various anti-seismic rescues and other rescues in recent years; the company has been quite helpful for the cause of national traffic security. He hoped that the company will keep carrying forward the spirit of state-owned military industrial enterprises to make contributions to the improvement of national traffic emergency rescue system and the modernization construction of national traffic emergency rescue equipment.