China Harzone Signed EPC of Baleiaerdo Road

China Harzone signed the EPC contract of Baleiaerdo Road with the National Highway Bureau of Bolivia in Cochabamba, Bolivia on March 5th. Bolivian President Molares and politicians including the Minister of Engineering, the Director of Highway Bureau and the Governor of Cochabamba Province as well as Wu Yuanshan, the Chinese Ambassador to China and Ge Jian, the Deputy General Manager of China Harzone attended the signing ceremony.


Bolivian President Molares made an ardent speech. He encouraged China Harzone to make persistent efforts to make more contributions to the development of infrastructure in Bolivia. The project is a main controlling project connecting the roads in Cochabamba and Santa Cruz, two major cities in Bolivia. It was another EPC project of China Harzone in Bolivia. The road is 39km long. The total construction period for the project is 36 months.