Erection of Steel Bridge for Birara Road and Bridge Project in Uganda Successfully Completed

After tense construction, the steel bridge for Birara Road and Bridge Project in Uganda constructed by China Harzone was successfully erected through on December 23rd, 2014 (local time). This is a stage significant victory achieved by the company after experienced various challenges such as muddy rainy season and bridge foundation submerged by flood and so on. For the subsequent work, the company will pour the superstructure of the bridge and make extension construction on roads so as to lay a good foundation for realizing the objectives in the contract as scheduled.


The overall quality of the engineering project is stable and it is praised by the Owner. Especially the dimensions of the steel bridge components supervised by China Harzone were quite accurate. There was no hot work or electric welding on the site at all. The successful one-time assembling and erection demonstrated the superior strength of China Harzone’s brand.