Rush out of the Country, Go to the World! The First Batch of Q80 Power Pontoon Bridges Delivered Smoothly

At 6:16 on the morning of July 20, with the roar of the engine, the first batch of China Emergency’s Q80 power pontoon bridges were slowly driven out of the factory door and dispatched smoothly. This marked the official export of Q80 power pontoon bridges to Pakistan. Ge Jian, deputy general manager of China Emergency attended the ceremony.

The Q80 power pontoon bridge exported to Pakistan is the company's key project in 2018. In order to ensure that the first batch of Q80 power pontoon bridges could be delivered on time, on July 18, the Company's Quality, Safety & Environmental Protection Department organized the final comprehensive review of the Q80 power pontoon bridges. The smooth delivery of the Q80 power pontoon bridges is an important achievement of China Emergency’s implementation of the "Going out" strategy.