Harzone’s Emergency Products Used for Actual Drill of Flood-Fighting and Disaster Reliefs in Mozambique

A flood-fighting and disaster reliefs drill was conducted in Mocuba, a city in northern Mozambique, on February 14th, and two emergency products provided by China Harzone including mechanized bridges and modular bridges were used in such drill.

There are more than 300,000 people in the city. It encountered a catastrophic flood during 2015 and 2016. The flood submerged many villages and farmlands, nearly 100 villages and thousands of villagers were affected by the flood. The flood caused gigantic property losses and injuries for local people and villagers. In order to prevent such impacts of flood and protect the life and property security of local people, local government asked China Harzone who has been currently performing trainings in the capital of Mozambique (Maputo) to take the above emergency products to go to Mocuba overnight for conducting an actual bridge erection drill for flood-fighting and disaster reliefs purpose.

On the drill site, the flood was as rapid as 3m/second and the depth of water was larger than 2.5m. In addition, complicated riverbed geology, sharp stones and steep slopes brought many dangerous conditions and potential safety hazards for erection of bridges. The employees of China Harzone, Yu Wenxiong, Wu Yongqiang and Chen Liangjun, were fearless and they made an on-site field survey by wading into the water after taking off clothes and shoes. With their abundant experiences, they proposed emergency plans and solutions on the spot; they finally solved the potential safety hazards such as being difficult to fix bridge legs and unstable drifts; they successfully used one mechanized bridge and three modular bridges to erect a safe emergency passage, which made the drill a complete success. The military officers and soldiers of Mozambique thought highly of their skills! The female mayor of Mocuba came to the site in person to watch the drill and she expressed her congratulations to the employees of China Harzone!

The drill demonstrated the outstanding practicability and production performances of China Harzone’s emergency equipment in the flood-fighting and disaster reliefs worldwide once again and it demonstrated the fearless, hardworking and devoted professional ethics of China Harzone’s employees as well.